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The Municipal Water District of Orange County strives to provide a variety of services that provide benefit to its stakeholders and constituents. Our efforts focus on sound planning and appropriate investments in water supply development, water use efficiency, public information, legislative advocacy, water education, and emergency preparedness.

One of the most successful and well-recognized water-education curriculums in southern California is the Municipal Water District of Orange County's (MWDOC) Water Education School Program. For nearly 40 years, School Program mascot "Ricki the Rambunctious Raindrop" has been educating students in grades K-5 about the water cycle, the importance and value of water, and the personal responsibility we all have as environmental stewards. Since its inception in 1973, the Water Education School Program has evolved into what has become the standard for all water-education curriculum. To date, more than 3 million Orange County students have benefited from the Program.

In 2004, MWDOC formed an exciting partnership with Discovery Cube Orange County that has allowed both organizations to reach more Orange County students each year and provide them with even greater educational experiences in the areas of water and science.  Limited space is available each school year, so it is recommended to book early. To book your FREE onsite program please contact Adam Jacobson with Discovery Cube at (714) 263-3806 or Information is also available online at
To view a list of participating schools, please click on the links below.
2016-17 Participating Schools:

"What About Water" High School Program Schedule


Previous School Years:
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2009-10 Participating Schools - Assembly Program
2009-10 Participating Schools - Water Quality Program
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2008-09 Participating Schools - Water Quality Program
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For your convenience, below are links to our grade-specific instructional packets to help you set the stage for our visit. If you have any questions -- or want to register your school for an onsite presentation -- please call Discovery Science Center at (714) 263-3806.
1st Grade Instructional Packet
2nd Grade Instructional Packet
3rd Grade Instructional Packet
4th Grade Instructional Packet
5th Grade Instructional Packet